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''The Goldbergs'' - 12 September 1949

Published 1949

One of the few surviving episodes of the CBS version of "The Goldbergs". In this episode, Cousin Simon has a heart attack and comes to regret being a complete unlikable bastard. This episode was later remade as "Where There's Life, There's Hope" in 1956.

Run time 29 minutes 32 seconds
Production Company CBS Television Network
Audio/Visual sound, black and white


Reviewer: Archive fan - - July 29, 2012
Subject: Wonderfully done
I knew about this series, heard some of the radio shows, but never saw any of the TV version till I started sampling the episodes on the Archive. Not being interested in the filmed ones, I'm watching the kinescopes chronologically; so far, the 1949 ones are an eye opener. They come from almost the earliest days of commercial US TV and yet the shows are well written, beautifully acted, and creatively directed/produced. Tremendous. And to realize they achieved this level of sophistication in a live broadcast is even more amazing. Gertrude Berg (Molly Goldberg) was the writer and driving force behind the series and her characterizations are on the money. In this one, Cousin Simon has a heart attack and everybody plays it with touching reality. It's the first time I've seen Phillip Loeb (Jake Goldberg) in action. He was the actor who was posthumously famous for being blacklisted right off the program and eventually killing himself. And THEN was cleared by the FBI. All the more poignant to see what a great performer he was and how he fit into that extraordinary ensemble cast. Sad that there are so few 1949 CBS episodes with Loeb that survive. This series was hailed on radio and TV and now I know why. All these years later, it still works.